We are a Community that promotes and patronizes philippine restaurants

Help us grow the community of local food entrepreneurs

As a Consumer.
Patronizing local restaurants and enjoying their cuisines and specialties.

As a Restaurant Owner.
Giving your customers quality food and services at a reasonable price in a clean conducive atmosphere.

By providing local entrepreneurs an affordable and convenient way to create and maintain online presence.

Restaurants in our community:

Kawayan Kitchen

Kawayan Kitchen is the ORIGINAL Luto Sa Kawayan (Bamboo), where we cook meals in freshly harvested bamboo stalks.



Mediterranean Grill

Tetak's Grill

Home of your famous Live Tilapia Bulaluhan/ Gotohan/ Pares / Ihaw-Ihaw/ Lutong Bahay atbp.


Truly Japanese Through The Years


Romalaine Cafe

Good things comes to those who wait

Don Juan BBQ

EveryJuan's Favourite Boodle House